Energy Management

Beyond management….

The biggest problem with dealing with energy suppliers is dealing with energy suppliers. To say that they are not always helpful, not honest, and don’t have your best interests at heart would be an understatement. However at CH Business we deal with suppliers on a daily basis which means you can use our expertise and knowledge to negotiate and secure the rates best for you, and not for best them.

Supplier disputes

Being a management company we are designed to make your life easier and that is exactly what we do. Energy suppliers use several underhand tactics to try to trap you in rates that suit their bottom line (see Example to the right). Contracts can be agreed over the phone, often without you being made aware of the consequences, deemed rates, which are over double regular rates, are seen in a 1 in 4 basis, and penalties for not using all your agreed consumption are not uncommon.

Having CH Business represent you as your energy broker means suppliers know they can not get away with using these underhand tactics. Our systems and approach means we keep on top of renewal dates, and when the market is in your favour we can lock in new deals up to 18 months in advance.

Fully independent

Being a fully independent broker means we are not tied to offering just one company. This means we go out to all the big 6 suppliers plus some niche ones who can’t afford all the marketing but can afford to offer very competitive business rates. We combine your individual requirements with your consumption, location and industry to find best the suppliers to fulfil your needs.

The whole tender process is determined by how you operate and not just by what suppliers offer. For example your priorities may dictate you require one simple bill as you have several small meters and administration is more pressing that outright cost; alternatively you may operate in an industry where credit is hard to come by i.e. pub/restaurant trade, and you require an understanding supplier; or you may simply have one large consumption and need the best possible headline rate available

Smart energy / Green energy

Being green is not just about saving the environment. Of course we believe that is important, and we know you do as well, however since 2008 the cost of green energy has been more pressing than the result. For this reason we have taken a different approach to greener solutions and started to focus on how they can financially benefit you as well.

Smart technology like remote heating controls and efficient boilers really help keep costs down for the higher energy user. As do other green alternatives such as solar electricity and thermal insulation. Whatever your requirements we are here to guide you through the process and demonstrate the options available.