Telecoms Products

Evolution of telecoms

Recently the telecoms market has seen a big shift away from traditional phone system solutions, with customer opting for more dynamic and hosted platforms. The hosted platform offers greater flexibility and built in resilience, meaning staff can be deployed in several locations with DR solutions activated at a click of a mouse.

Our portfolio offers you the choice of the traditional set up for complex tasks like large call centre operations, (often required for application specific requirements), or the fast to deploy and feature rich hosted solution.

Hosted v Traditional

Hosted platforms have enabled customers to utilise the features of a traditional system whilst gaining from the hosted benefits including substantially lower costs, an increased level of flexibility, and built in business continuity amongst many others. Some of the features the hosted solution can provide include:

  • Pick-up
  • Transfer
  • Divert
  • Caller display
  • Hunt groups

  • Call park
  • Auto attendant
  • Call recording
  • Music on hold.
  • Conference calls

  • Resilience
  • Business continuity
  • Virtual numbers.
  • Home workers
  • Greater flexibility.

  • Mobile twinning
  • Voice mail
  • Portal management
  • Call stats
  • Inbound management

hosted platform

traditional solution

Traditional requirements

Traditional services still have their place in the world of telecommunications with most businesses needing some or many of our standard products. Dedicated internet connections (leased lines) offering guaranteed speeds and reliability, large scale bespoke solutions such as complex call centre environments, and of course the essentials such as an alarm line are all products regularly procured by SME businesses. Below shows some of the products we offer:

  • Phone lines
  • Analogue
  • ISDN2E
  • ISDN30E
  • Call charge packages

  • Phone systems
  • Call Centres
  • Disaster recovery
  • Automated systems
  • LAN infrastructure

  • Internet services
  • Private circuits
  • Broadbands
  • Fibre connections
  • Leased lines

  • CAT5E cabling
  • CAT6A cabling
  • Mobile phones
  • Wireless technology
  • Video conferencing