Simple, efficient, brokerage….

CH Business specialises in working with and assisting small to medium sized organisations with their energy procurement needs, helping them to realise the benefits normally reserved for the corporate giants.

We source affordable gas and electricity on your behalf, reducing your business expenses whilst also saving you precious time. Acting as your agent we remove the need for you to deal directly with tedious and untrustworthy suppliers, instead you can focus on your real business’s needs.

Our direct access to wholesale markets combined with our knowledge and expertise in dealing with energy providers, allows us to negotiate substantial discounts on your behalf.

Energy Management

We do all the calculations, speak to all the utility suppliers, and take away all the hassle to ensure you get the best rates for your energy needs. Our knowledge of the market and experience of dealing with several suppliers on a daily basis, gives you the power to make quick decisions that will really benefit your company – see Price Comparison to the right:

By using our consultancy on an exclusive basis means we become your contact with the suppliers, not only do we take on new tenders but we also assist with administrative disputes when they get complex. Incorrect bills, changes of name and wrong tariffs are all areas where we help. You can comfortably carry out the most important and productive tasks for your business, knowing we will take care of the cost control and difficult administrative duties associated with utilities.

Whether you are growing, moving or just re-organising we guarantee to find a solution to improve your business.